Why Synergy Fitness?

"...I am already noticing a huge difference in the way my body looks and feels. I'm fitting into clothes I haven't been able to wear in over a year!"

Why Synergy Fitness?
Synergy Fitness is the premier Pilates community dedicated to health and healing. Our program offerings present the combined effects of various muscle group training and wellness programs that combined exceed the strength of their individual effect both in a group or individual environment.  Synergy Fitness is devoted to setting the standard in Pilates training and providing the ultimate in training to the entire Pilates community.

Synergy Fitness Pilates instructors are admired for their meticulous attention to detail in sessions with students.  To ensure consistent service quality and technical skill, every team member must complete our in-studio Skill Certification Program.  This means you can always have confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you are in the hands of a skill certified team member.  You will always enjoy a fresh perspective, and you will always receive the utmost in true quality service. Meeting your Pilates needs and busy schedule is our top priority.

We are conveniently located in Albany on Solano Avenue with plenty of free parking.  We are open M-F and see clients by appointment only for both individual and small group classes.

Synergy Fitness Philosophy
The Synergy Fitness philosophy centers on developing customized programs to meet the needs of every student to improve their condition, be it fitness or rehabilitation. Synergy Fitness integrates the Pilates method with the latest studies in biomechanics, release and bodywork techniques to restored balance to the body. This combination is safe and suitable for everyone from pregnant women to athletes.  It is an exercise therapy that is safe for joints, tendons, ligaments and the spine. 

Synergy Fitness has been working in conjunction with healthcare professionals for over 12 years.  Pilates can be a powerful form of follow up or complementary therapy for many clients with on-going healthcare needs.  We are the foremost studio in the East Bay which focuses on building customized programs that aid in rehabilitation from many medical conditions.  We have built successful programs for the treatment of post-stroke patients, pre-post back and knee surgery, scoliosis, osteoporosis, pre-post natal, RSI, MS, breast cancer rehabilitation, pain management and arthritis.  We take an incredibly personalized approach to each client to ensure safety and prevent straining or injury.

At the studio/trainer's discretion, we accept workers compensation with a prescription from doctor and authorization form or Workers Compensation Company and Auto Insurance with prescription and authorization. No liens. We help clients try to get reimbursed by private insurance companies, but do not bill. Rehabilitation must be done in 1-on-1 training only (no classes).

What to Expect from Pilates
We at Synergy Fitness work at re-educating your muscle memory. For example, when you are learning a new language, the best method is to be exposed to it for long periods of time as frequently as possible. With Pilates work, we are not only adding new patterns to the bodies memory but trying to discard old ones. According to Synergy Fitness Pilates instructors, none of this neuromuscular reprogramming is possible without the total mental commitment of the student. For that reason, we encourage from the first session for clients to come in at least twice a week, to derive as many benefits as possible from this training.

One of the best things about Pilates conditioning is that the range and number of exercises actually increases as you continue your study. In addition, there are myriad variations on many of the individual exercises. To progress to these more difficult, more intricate movement patterns, your body and mind must acquire a thorough understanding of the simpler exercises. This takes lots of repetition and time.

Changes in physical appearance also take time and consistency. Many clients are after changes in physical appearance and release of tension. These are the things that you see and feel and notice every day. The more regular you are about your training, the sooner you will see greater changes in these areas.

What is Pilates?

Devised in 1910 by German fitness enthusiast Joseph Pilates, the technique came to the U.S. in 1926 when Pilates emigrated from Germany with his wife, Clara. Pilates set up a studio in New York and proceeded to train some of the biggest names in American dance, including George Balanchine, Hanya Holm and Martha Graham. Pilates constantly expanded and refined the technique during the 60 years he taught in New York City. He and his wife also trained others, mostly dancers, to teach the method. Each new practitioner contributed his or her own variations and refinements to the technique.

The bedrock of Pilates training is in the development of strength without placing undue stress on joints and tendons. Students are intended to come away with long, lean, powerful muscles and a strong, supple spine. The technique can also promote control, stability, and coordination, along with improved posture, endurance, agility and balance, which begins with the stabilization of the pelvis. Students routinely characterize the work as "intense" and "subtle," at times claiming to experience movement "from the inside out."