I never expected to be writing a testimonial for a Pilates studio, but I have had a remarkable physical transformation with the help of Rebecca D’Amour of Synergy Fitness Pilates Studio, and I am grateful to be sharing my story.

I started working with Rebecca in August 2003.  At that time I was in constant pain in my low back, and was also recovering from a traumatic injury to my shoulder and wrist.  I had seen a physiatrist, who gave me several cortisone injections in my back, I had tried acupuncture for an entire year, and had been in a special yoga class which focused on back pain, and I had also seen a physical therapist for several months.  I could not handle the yoga poses, because the static positions of yoga were too painful for my muscles, that were in constant spasm.  The exercises suggested by my physical therapist just did not improve my pain.  I was ready to submit to surgery, and had seen an orthopedic surgeon and gotten a diagnosis of a severely degenerated disc in my low back.  Thankfully at that point it was my physical therapist, who suggested that I consider Pilates training before submitting to the knife.  She thought the specific combination of core (abdominal muscle) training and the functional strengthening of the leg and back muscles that Pilates training offers could help get me out of the spiral of pain.

Luckily I found the Synergy Fitness Pilates Studio and was able to work with the owner of the studio, Rebecca D’Amour.  I’ll never forget the first session I had with Rebecca. After taking an in-depth history, Rebecca evaluated my physical situation, and started me on some simple and basic stretches for my legs.  I was in so much pain, I curled up into a ball and just started crying right there in the studio.  I just did not feel that I would ever get past my pain, or be able to make any progress due to my many limitations.  Rebecca clearly understood how my physical pain had created a sense of hopelessness in me.  She explained that she could work with my disabilities, to rehabilitate my muscles, to bring me just up to the point of stretching to increase my range of motion, with just enough strengthening to awaken unused muscles, and to carefully release the muscles in spasm.  She said she could do this and not push me past the point of what I could tolerate.   And happily, I’m here to say that Rebecca was able to do all this for me.  Rebecca D’Amour has a superb understanding of muscle and skeletal function, and thrives on the challenges of working with people like me, who have complex needs.  I have seen her working with clients recovering from stroke, and I can see that she has an exceptional ability in her Pilates program.  

Rebecca and I worked together in private sessions for about a year and my body, my pain levels, and also my attitude began to transform.   Rebecca did not just focus on my low back; she started transforming me from the feet up.   I had been wearing orthodics in my shoes for about ten years, when I started working with Rebecca.   The Pilates program worked to strengthen and improve the flexibility in my feet and ankles to the point that I no longer needed to use the orthodics!   Initially, one focus of Rebecca’s program for me was strengthening my feet.  Rebecca knew that the impact of walking is first absorbed by the feet, and then travels up to the spine.  Therefore, improving the function of my feet and arches would lessen the compression in my spine.  This proved to be true for me, and my feet literally changed shape as I became able to flex and separate toes that I was unable to move previously.   Goodbye orthodics and hello to improved range of motion and function!

I’m incredibly grateful to Rebecca and her exceptional skills in working with my low back pain.  The program of Pilates rehabilitation has worked for me, and I have been very dedicated to following Rebecca’s instructions.  Working with Rebecca has really been its own reward.  I give the highest recommendation to Rebecca D’Amour and the Synergy Fitness Pilates Studio, whether for recovering from accident, disability, or as a gift to yourself of health and well-being.