Meet the Staff

Rebecca D'Amour | Owner, Pilates Instructor

Rebecca D’Amour, master trainer and owner of Synergy Fitness is one of the top trainers in the Bay area. Her experience practicing Pilates dates back to 1986 when she first became a student. In 1990 she became an instructor and taught throughout California. In 1994, she founded the first Pilates studio in the East Bay, Synergy Fitness, with a unique philosophy specializing in Rehabilitation Pilates instruction and Pilates Teacher Certification. The Synergy Pilates Philosophy is one of customized personal adaptation—Pilates movements are adapted to individually meet clients’ needs based on their conditioned body alignment and positioning. These customized movements are then linked together to create a customized program just for the client to retrain the body back to its natural postural state. Together, she and her clients set rehabilitation fitness goals and they work toward achieving them with on-going monitoring and adaptation. Rebecca has successfully developed many rehabilitation programs for her patients living with such ailments as pain management, scoliosis, post-stroke, post-natal, RSI, and many more.

Rebecca has studied Pilates since 1986 and in that time has trained with some of the masters such as Diane Severino, who created the Pilates Program at CalArts, and Michael Podwal at the Ron Fletcher Company in Beverly Hills. Over the years she has continued her Pilates studies with Jean-Claude West and Anna Schmitz as well as studying other modalities with bodyworkers in the areas of Somatics, Rolfing, and Massage, all of which she integrates into her Pilates instruction style.

Rebecca is incredibly body-oriented and has been dancing since the age of 8. She holds a BA in World Music and Dance from the prestigious California Institute of Arts. Rebecca is an intuitive healer with the keen ability to identify body issues based on a visual assessment of body alignment. Rebecca is the proud mother of 2 beautiful girls and a free spirit who brings warmth and light to her studio. Her mission is to create a community of health and happiness at Synergy Fitness based on balanced well-being in the body and mind.


Jessi Schmidt | Trainee

Jessi set her sights on Pilates after studying a variety of dance styles for the past 17 years here in the SF Bay area and Los Angeles. Her dance background has gone hand in hand with Pilates and enhanced and complemented her teaching competence. Though Jessi continues to train and teach dance, her focus has turned to Pilates as a tool for fitness, rehabilitation, and personal growth.

Jessi started the Pilates Certification Program at Synergy last fall and is currently a student teacher. She plans to complete her certification and be a full time trainer by summer.