The Studio

Client Space
Our studio is over 1200 sq. feet with vaulted ceilings so it gives you the openness you need for your workout. We have a handicapped restroom, drinking water, clean linens for each client as requested. Our studio is noise and fragrance free.
Treatment Room
Our room is upstairs on the loft, behind the office, practitioners have use of the office to intake and schedule clients. The room itself has a private restroom. We are currently working on a second treatment room downstairs. For rental information, contact Rebecca D'Amour.

The Equipment
Explanation and Uses


Padded mat used in our Mat Classes which is where it all began, Pilates first exercises.

New York Reformer
Based on the machines used by Joseph Pilates in the 1960's. Solid wooden frame with leather straps, extension straps, four springs, and dual foot bar, padded and upholstered top. It is one of the main pieces of equipment in the Pilates work, it creates the resistance needed in your workout, may be used lying, sitting, standing, kneeling and may other ways.
Trapeze Table (Cadillac)
Base is built from Maple-faced hardwood with lapped and fitted joints for maximum stability. Frames built with chrome-plated steel tubing. Maple roll down bar, aluminum push through bar, safety chain, 4 sets of varying resistance.
Combo Chair
Solid wooden frame, 4 springs, padded foot bar, 5 spring attachment positions, chrome-plates handles adjusts to 3 heights and can be removed, removable High Back, seat padded and upholstered. It is used for Spine/Ab, feet, legs, and arms work.
Step Barrel
West Coast style, maple-faced, and padded upholstered top. It is used for stretching and strengthening abs, spine legs and hips.

Ladder Barrel
Maple framed, padded and upholstered top, adjustable track. It is used for stretching and working the spine and abdominals.

Baby Arc
West coast style, half circle, padded and upholstered. It is used for stretching as well as a prop for many other exercises.

Various sized balls are used for balance and coordination exercises as well as muscle release techniques.

Foam Rollers
Used for strength training and release work.

BAC: Biomechanical Asymmetry Corrector (of motion)
16" rotating discs made of laminated birch with padding and upholstered tops, Detachable 9" disc for head of feet, padded and upholstered mat same plane as discs. They are designed to assess, treat and restore normal spinal mechanics and function.

Spring Circle
Tempered steel with padded wooden handles. It is used to strengthen thighs, arms, chest and pelvic floor.

Moon Box
Upholstered box used with Trapeze table, Reformer and Chair.

Reformer Box
Upholstered Box used with the reformer.

Functional Footprints
Two wooden platformed footprints used standing with the axis positioned to promote rotation from the hips, they have a tip mechanism to challenge balance and alignment. They improve alignment, create dynamic strength, symmetry and balance.

Padded Foot Plate
Used for leg, foot work, and jumping while on the Reformers.

Oversized Standing Platform
Used on the Reformer for additional stability for standing leg exercises.

Straps, Handles, Loops, Dowels, Cushions, Pillows, Misc. Balls.