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Synergy Fitness Certification Program Philosophy
  The Synergy Fitness Pilates Certification Program philosophy is to teach Pilates with a sound understanding of the Pilates repertory of exercises along with anatomy, kinesiology, functional movement patterns, release techniques and protocols for workouts focusing on different people's needs. Synergy Fitness Pilates Certification instruction takes this philosophy further into a hands-on corrective perspective and advanced level of muscle pattern dysfunction and compensations study. Synergy Fitness Pilates Certified instructors build successful programs for the treatment of pre-post back and knee surgery, scoliosis, osteoporosis, pre-post natal, RSI, MS, breast cancer rehabilitation, pain management and arthritis as well as on-going fitness. 

We teach an incredibly personalized approach to client management, especially rehabilitative, so as to be able to design the most effective programs and to ensure safety and prevent straining or injury.

The Synergy Fitness Premiere Pilates Certification Program trains students to become holistic mind-body healers who have the goal of making positive changes in people's bodies, and further enhancing their lives. Our goal is to create and grow a community dedicated to the use of Pilates as both a fitness and rehabilitative therapy. We are committed to providing students with the experience, knowledge and insight to be able to assess clients’ body health and prescribe a wellness program to meet their individual needs.

Beginning /Intermediate exercises will be taught on the Mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table (Cadillac), Chair, Barrels, and Spring Circle. Release techniques using the foam rollers, balls and hands on body therapies will also be taught. You will learn the concepts behind the exercises, how to break them down and modify them for specific body types and injuries. How to use verbal and tactile cueing. We will work to develop your visual skills for client assessments and corrections during their exercise program. By the end of the program you will be able to develop programs for private clients as well as classes.

Premiere Certification
Course Fee:

$3300 Save $200 - only $3100 with full payment by August 10th, 2008

Program Includes:

Anatomy home study course, fundamental, beginning, and intermediate programs for the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, and Auxiliary equipment. Synergy Fitness New Teacher Training Manuals also included. As well as various assessment and release techniques required to create programs for special need clients.

Additional Information/Fees:

  • Private sessions require additional payment.
  • Studio use fees for practice hours completed after course are $100 per month.
  • All exams are given at two dates to be scheduled.
  • All material fees are separate
  • Cash, or Credit Cards.
  • Studio referrals to teacher training program are rewarded with $100.
  • Final exams must be completed 12 months after course completion, all hours must be completed.